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Wyatt Technology

The Best in Basic Multi-Angle Light Scattering for Absolute Macromolecular Analysis


The miniDAWN® determines absolute molar mass and size to characterize proteins, peptides, small polymers and nanoparticles in solution. Coupled to size exclusion chromatography (SEC or GPC), it eliminates the uncertainty and hassle of column calibration, for true confidence in macromolecular characterization.

The miniDAWN not only offers superb sensitivity—it further enhances productivity thanks to greatly enhanced field serviceability and easy data analysis with One-Click Mw™.

The miniDAWN is accompanied by ASTRA, the most versatile software package available for analysis of online multi-angle and dynamic light scattering. ASTRA and the miniDAWN incorporate advanced ease-of-use features that help guarantee excellent measurements with a single click.

Caratteristiche Tecniche

Wyatt's miniDAWN is most often used in conjunction with size exclusion chromatography (SEC-MALS) or field-flow fractionation (FFF-MALS) to determine distributions of molecular weight, size and composition. No need to make assumptions about molecular conformation or ideal column interactions.


  • Proteins, small peptides and oligonucleotides
  • Synthetic and natural polymers
  • Nanoparticles, virus-like particles and vesicles

Measurement Range:

  • MW from 200 Da to 10 MDa
  • rg from 10 to 50 nm, up to 150 nm with shape-specific models
  • sensitivity down to 25 ng of 100 kDa polystyrene in THF, injected on a standard GPC column

The miniDAWN's performance is exceeded only by the DAWN which covers a wider range of size and molecular weight, with even better sensitivity and additional optional modules.

The miniDAWN determines molecular weight independently of column calibration. Here MALS shows that the earliest-eluting molecule does not have the highest molar mass.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Included

Each miniDAWN includes an embedded COMET ultrasonic transducer that cleans the flow cell automatically by agitating the fluid and loosening particles from the glass surfaces.

Modularity = Productivity

The miniDAWN incorporates a fully modular design. Each module can be tested independently by the software to verify that it is functioning correctly. This imparts nearly complete field serviceability, since malfunctioning modules can be replaced and validated on-site by service engineers with no further calibration or alignment.

The miniDAWN is also field-upgradeable: the embedded WyattQELS DLS Module for measuring hydrodynamic radii from 0.5 to 50 nm can be installed on-site as well as in new units shipped from the factory.

Not just SEC-MALS...

Wyatt's miniDAWN may be used in batch (off-line) mode or in conjunction with a Calypso CG-MALS system for characterization of average solution properties as well as macromolecular interaction properties including protein-protein binding affinity and complex stoichiometry.

Simplicity personified

With miniDAWN and ASTRA, SEC-MALS became a whole lot easier. Sample-specific methods are set up in three short steps with ASTRA's Method Wizard, and new capabilities for automatic data processing mean that it takes just one click from your sample to a full report of the molecular weight and size results.

The miniDAWN's System Ready monitor will even let you know when the system is fully equilibrated with low baseline noise, ready to run.

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