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Mini fraction collector - more tubes in less space than anything in its class

Only the size of a notebook page, Retriever 500 still holds over a hundred tubes. More compact than other fraction collectors of similar or less capacity, Retriever 500 takes minimal space in your HPLC or low-pressure LC system, and fits easily in a cramped coldroom.

Retriever 500’s multiple-rack, linear-movement configuration lets you remove filled tube groups at any time. A special "stop" rack, color coded red, marks the end of the run, shutting off the collector and a connected pump. The simple, reliable drive mechanism uses only one motor and has been proven in over 30,000 similar Isco instruments. An infrared rack sensing device precisely locates when mixed racks are used or when racks are left out.

Retriever 500 operates on 14 volts supplied by a wall transformer. A thin low-voltage cord passes easily by a refrigerator door gasket.

Retriever 500 is also available in complete LC systems with pump and UV detector. Contact your Isco representative to describe your requirements, and determine which of our bio-purification sytems best meets your needs.

Standard Features

  • Compact
  • Stationary drop former
  • Collect uniform fractions by time or drop count.
  • Multiple rack design lets you remove small groups of tubes anytime during a run.

Options and Accessories

  • Size fractions by pumped volume when using Isco’s Tris ® pump.
  • Automatic peak cutting is available with an Isco UA-6 detector.
  • Automatic pump shutoff with optional cable.
  • Security (on/off, low pressure) and diverter (3-way) valves for added protection against spills. Automatically stops or diverts flow before each tube change, at the end of the run, and during a power failure.
  • 6-position racks (17 running, 1 shutoff) for (102) 12 and 13 mm diameter tubes
  • 4-position racks (17 running, 1 shutoff) for (68) 10 to 16 mm tubes and glass MiniVials
  • 4-position racks (17 running, 1 shutoff) for (68) 18 mm tubes and 17 mm scintillation vials
  • 3-position racks (8 running, 1 shutoff) for (24) 28 mm scintillation vials, 29 mm centrifuge tubes
Tube Capacity: (102) 12 & 13 mm tubes; (68) 10 to 16 mm tubes; (68) 18 mm tubes & scintillation vials, (24) 28 mm scintillation vials
Collection modes: Time, Drop, Volume (with Isco Tris ® Pump), Peak Slope, (with UA-6 detector),
Event mark output: Open collector signals tube change or rack change
Tube change time: 350 ms
User memory: Manual
Gradient formation: No
Multi-column collection: No
Parameter change during run: No
Interfacing: Event mark, Pump shutoff
Collection Patterns: Linear
Temperature Range: 0 to 40°C
Size (WxHxD): 21 x 18 (w/empty racks) x 29 cm
Weight: 3.0 kg
Power Required: 100/234 VAC; 50/60 Hz; or 117 V60 Hz only. 15 W max

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